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Article: The aging changes of leather bags and wallets from day 1 to day 730 after use

The aging changes of leather bags and wallets from day 1 to day 730 after use

The aging changes of leather bags and wallets from day 1 to day 730 after use

Many people focus primarily on design when choosing leather goods. Have you considered choosing leather products based on the "type of leather" now?

Due to the different types of leather, the texture and weight will vary, especially in the long-term "aging" that occurs after extended use. This aging process can exhibit different colors and textures depending on the type of leather.

This time, we selected several popular categories from a blogger who introduces leather, and organized the "changes after aging" in the order of "Tochigi leather, cowhide leather, Pueblo leather, vegetable-tanned leather, and Pueblo vegetable-tanned leather." We also included comparison pictures between new and aged items, hoping it will be helpful to you.

Next, we will organize the "colors and textures after aging" according to the type of leather, and introduce people suitable for these leathers based on these characteristics.

Tochigi Leather (Cowhide Leather)

▶︎Product Details: Tochigi Leather L-shaped Long Wallet


▶︎Product Details: Tochigi Tote Bag

Surface of Tochigi Leather Camel

Characteristics of the Leather

Tochigi Leather undergoes more than 20 steps, transforming from "rawhide" to "leather," crafted with dedication and time using a traditional and unique tanning process.

The sturdy leather produced is known for its pleasant texture, sheen, and various expressions from before aging to after aging, allowing you to appreciate it from different perspectives.

You can feel the different textures on the leather surface of Tochigi Leather.

▶︎Product Details: Tochigi Leather Circular Long Wallet

Changes after aging:

Color Tone

  • Transforms into deeper hues


  • Leather with texture (such as grain or scars) exhibits a three-dimensional feel
  • Smooth leather displays a glossy textu

    Leather with texture (such as grain or scars) after 1 year of use

Smooth leather after 1 year of use

▶︎Product Details: Tochigi Leather L-shaped Long Wallet

Recommended for those seeking unique leather goods

Tochigi Leather itself possesses a distinctive texture, sheen, and a variety of expressions. Due to its natural characteristics and the aging process, each leather item has its own uniqueness. Therefore, we recommend it for individuals who are looking for leather goods with unique personality.


Oil-impregnated Leather (Cowhide Leather)

Product Details: Round Long Wallet

Leather Characteristics

In the tanning process, a significant amount of oily leather is used, and the transfer of these oils results in a rich and matte texture. Due to the abundance of oil, even without maintenance, aging features are easily developed with regular use.

Through stretching (Pull) and lifting (Up), along with touch, the internal oils move. Therefore, even if scratches appear, a simple wipe with hands or cloth makes the scratches less noticeable.

Changes after aging

Color Tone

・Transforms into deeper hues


Matte texture changes into a glossy and smooth texture

Recommended for

Those new to using leather goods - Pull-up leather makes scratches less noticeable with a gentle wipe. Moreover, it doesn't require special maintenance, allowing beginners to easily enjoy the pleasures of leather transformation.

Pueblo Leather(Horse leather)

▶︎Product Details: Pueblo Leather Phone Case

Leather Characteristics

When pressure is applied to the leather, the internal oils and waxes move, creating a varied coloration, but it does not return to its original state once the pressure is removed. This is because wax requires a certain amount of heat to melt, so changes are induced by applying heat (such as rubbing with fingers). In other words, the leather surface continues to evolve with use, sometimes persistently changing and at other times returning to its original state.

Additionally, Pueblo leather contains oil and wax, giving it the characteristic of healing scars. In other words, with use, scars may appear multiple times, and these scars will disappear, providing a very rich texture.

Changes after aging

Color Tone

・Transforms into deeper hues.
・Contains oil and wax, creating a gradient effect.



・Scars gradually blend in, presenting a rich variety in texture.

▶︎Product Details: Pueblo Leather Business Card Holder


Recommended for those who: Do not want to worry too much about scratches and prefer to use leather goods effortlessly.

Due to the characteristic of Pueblo leather where scars become part of the style, we recommend it to those who want to use leather goods extensively and let the leather develop a unique style.

Vegetable-Tanned Denim Leather

▶︎Product Details: Vegetable-Tanned Denim Leather 3-Way Bag

▶︎Product Details: Vegetable-Tanned Denim Long Wallet

Leather Features

We tan the leather using tannins extracted from natural plants. Simultaneously, we fully showcase the original appearance of the leather, preserving scars and the natural style of the animal.

Hallelujah employs thin, lightweight, and smooth leather. Additionally, due to the high oil content, it is more prone to aging effects.

Since it utilizes the original material of leather, the expressions are diverse.

▶︎Product details: Vegetable-tanned Denim Clasp Long Wallet
 Lightweight and Soft

▶︎Product details: Clasp Bifold Short Wallet.


Changes after aging:


・Transforms into deeper tones


・The initially soft texture becomes even softer
・Due to the presence of a significant amount of oil, it exhibits a glossy finish, making the surface smoother

Recommended for

Those looking for elegant leather goods. Suitable for individuals who appreciate the original texture of leather, prefer a refined style over ruggedness, and seek an elegant aesthetic.

Pueblo Soft Leather (Horsehide)

▶︎Product Details: Pueblo Leather Card Holder

▶︎Product Details: Pueblo L-shaped Long Wallet

Leather Characteristics

The natural color is the original, undyed appearance, making it age faster and undergo significant changes compared to other colors. It also has a very matte texture.

The dense fibers make it a stiff leather. However, with use, the fibers gradually loosen, making it softer.

This type of leather has no added dyes or surface treatments, staying close to its original state. Although liquid stains and dirt are more noticeable in this color, you can feel the leather's natural hues.

Changes after Aging

Color  Tone

・Changes from bright skin color to a deep amber shade


・The stiff fibers loosen, becoming softer while retaining elasticity
・The penetration of oils gives a glossy appearance to the leather

Recommended for those who: Appreciate visually experiencing the natural color and noticeable texture changes of leather

If you enjoy visually witnessing the transformation of leather from a bright skin color to a deep amber shade and appreciate experiencing the inherent changes in texture, we recommend this type of leather. It allows you to enjoy substantial changes without worrying too much about minor stains or spots.

Do different types of leather affect the changes after aging? Considering the evolution over time, we recommend different types for various individuals.

 In this presentation, we introduced the leather types of "Tochigi Leather, Oil Feeling Leather, Pueblo Leather, Vegetable Tannin Leather, and Pueblo Vegetable Tannin (Horse Leather)," along with the "Changes after Aging" and "Recommended for" categories.

Beyond considering design, you can also take into account the changes leather undergoes over time when choosing leather goods that suit your preferences.

For instance, you might think, "That person would likely appreciate an elegant leather accessory, so let's gift them a wallet made of Vegetable Tannin Leather," or "They seem like someone who wants to enjoy the unique expressions of leather, so maybe try a leather item made from Tochigi Leather."

All of these can serve as valuable references when selecting leather products.

Thank you for reading until the end. Much appreciated!

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