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Article: Introducing the TIDY2.0 Collection


Introducing the TIDY2.0 Collection


TIDY2.0 is a Compact Long Wallet.

A traditional long wallet is capacious but large and thick. To overturn this common notion, [TIDY2.0] was born through continuous improvements, resulting in a compact and small long wallet.

TIDY2.0 is a small-sized long wallet with an L-shaped zipper designed to accommodate banknote dimensions. It offers versatile storage options, with a maximum capacity of approximately 20 banknotes, 20 coins, 15 cards, 3 keys, and a passbook, allowing flexible organization based on individual needs. The pull-up leather is rich in oil content, providing an opportunity for aging and developing a unique patina over time.

In a long wallet that protrudes significantly from the pocket, there are concerns about dropping it or security issues.
With TIDY 2.0, being shorter and slimmer, it fits comfortably in the pocket without being bulky, maintaining a sleek appearance. It is easy to carry even when you don't have a bag, allowing you to enjoy a long wallet more casually than ever before.


"Pull-up leather" model with plenty of oil content.

Using leather that changes color as the contained oil moves, it is easy to age. The more you use it over time, the more it gains luster and depth. This collection allows you to enjoy the changes that develop through aging.

TIDY2.0 Hallelujah >>


A Japan-made model crafted from the renowned "Tochigi Leather" domestically.

The JAPAN model, meticulously created by Japanese artisans, features natural leather with unique characteristics, making it one of Japan's top-quality hides. You can enjoy the texture that gradually blends with your skin and the evolving aging process.

Coming soon>>

Elegantly aging with high-quality soft leather.

In the delicate balance between youth and maturity, embracing the passage of time allows for the cultivation of new perspectives and the enjoyment of life. The premium material that matures alongside is a perfect match for women.

TIDY2.0 Mollis >>

 Elevating the dignity of a man.

Luxurious leather with a refined surface, meticulously scraped and prepared, exhibits a sophisticated finish with a glossy appearance. Suitable for a wide range of occasions, from formal to casual.


The thinnest, lightest portable model in history.

Inheriting the series' characteristic "ease of organization," this is Hallelujah's thinnest model to date, using pull-up leather.


Adding depth to the lifestyle of mature women.

Embossed with a luxurious touch, it brings a sophisticated feel that exudes freshness and lightness. The tough material is resistant to scratches.

Coming soon >>


Luxurious metallic leather.

Genuine leather with a textured surface, embossed with a grain pattern, and featuring aluminum foil. Available in glamorous gold and silver colors.

TIDY2.0 Lumina >>

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