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Article: 【Experiment】Using Vaseline for Waterproofing Leather Products

【Experiment】Using Vaseline for Waterproofing Leather Products

【Experiment】Using Vaseline for Waterproofing Leather Products

Hello, I'm part of the Hallelujah team.

With the change in temperature and weather, the season of autumn is quietly approaching, and it's time for the seasonal transition.

While summer clothing takes a break, I thought it's also time to care for the leather products I own! So, at this juncture, I decided to try out the care method that I've always been interested in.

I believe many of you have heard of it. When it comes to caring for leather products, is Vaseline a good choice...

There is a variety of information online, but the truth can only be found through personal experimentation, so let's put it to the test!

Before conducting the test, let me briefly introduce Vaseline...

Vaseline is a highly refined mixture derived from petroleum, used as a moisturizer for skin protection.It is a trademark of Unilever and is widely used not only in Japan but also around the world.
In today's era, you can find it everywhere, and it is an inexpensive product typically priced between 200 and 300 yen at drugstores or convenience stores.For me, it's a convenient presence whenever the seasons change or when I feel dry, and I use it regularly.

【When used on the body】
Prevents dryness, forming a thin and oily protective film. Penetrates almost minimally into the stratum corneum. Effective for burns, etc. Can also be used for shoe scratches, etc. You can expect various effects.

【When used on leather products】
Prevents moisture from drying out in the leather. Has a water-repellent effect. Makes the leather soft. These effects can be expected.

Just by looking at these effects, Vaseline seems to be a very versatile moisturizer. 😄

In my opinion, Vaseline gives a strong water-repellent feeling, which is common no matter where it is applied.

Even without waterproof spray, using Vaseline can temporarily maintain the texture.Therefore, it's common for people to say that if it suddenly rains, you can apply Vaseline when using leather products.

By the way, since using Vaseline may cause changes in the color of the leather itself, it is recommended to test it in an inconspicuous area before use!

Based on these considerations,

Let's try it right away.This time,

I'll use a key case.

Tochigi Leather Key Case.
This is the key case I've been using for six months ↓

Gradually becoming more vibrant in color... happy.

This time,
To make it clearer, I will use Vaseline on the right half, and leave the left half untouched, so please observe based on this point~

First, let's start from the state after wiping off the surface dirt.

Alright, let's begin applying.

I scooped up about the same amount as the tip of a cotton swab.
I initially thought it would spread quite a lot~

But six months of history isn't that easy,
Surprisingly, it didn't spread too much.

So I scooped up the same amount again and gently applied it once more...

Then, gently wiped with a dry cloth...
And thus, the application is complete.
It seems quite thickly applied in my impression.

In reality, the impression during application is that it's necessary to carefully
apply it into the grooves.
At first glance, there doesn't seem to be a significant difference in glossiness,
but when light is reflected,

The area with Vaseline stands out.

It feels like a lot has been applied,
When touched with fingers,
Surprisingly, it's not sticky, but rather a kind of moisturized feeling.

And it doesn't stick to the fingers at all.
Finally, I also care about its waterproofness,

Drip by drip...

The difference here is too big, it surprises me! 😄

The side where Vaseline was lightly applied

has quite good waterproof properties.
On the other hand, the left side where nothing was done penetrated quite quickly.

Although I wiped it immediately, the left side still retained significant penetration... it's a bit surprising.

In reality, after going through all these steps,
I found that Vaseline is a temporary and very convenient moisturizer,

especially in emergency situations, like when you're out and about.
However, considering the characteristics of leather,as it cannot provide sufficient nourishment,

I personally recommend primarily using leather-specific care creams.
Only in special circumstances, such as when no other products are available, should Vaseline be used as a substitute.

Hallelujah's leather care products are here.

Thank you for reading this far.
I will continue to observe and share the use of the key case, so stay tuned!

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