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Article: How to hide scratches on leather? A simple care method that you can do at home.

How to hide scratches on leather? A simple care method that you can do at home.

How to hide scratches on leather? A simple care method that you can do at home.

Hello. This is the Hallelujah staff.

Have you ever accidentally scratched leather products while using them?

Taking them to a specialized repair shop is one option, but depending on the type of leather, you can also make them less noticeable with a little effort.

This time, we will share with you the methods to hide or remove scratches on leather, making them less noticeable.

Types of scratches on leather wallets and their remedies:

Scratch Type  Remedies
For light surface scratches, minor scuffs, or nail marks on leather Gently rub with fingers
Shallow dents or scuffs  Use a brush or leather cream
Deep surface scratches or nail marks Specialized repair cream
Cuts or peeling Seek assistance Find the help from a professional craftsman


Rubbing with your fingers or a soft cloth to make it disappear

A soft cloth to make it disappear

For leather wallets, if the scratches are mild, you can make them disappear simply by rubbing with your fingers or a soft cloth.

However, if you rub too hard, the area you rubbed may become slightly darker or develop a shine.

When using your fingers or cloth to rub away the scratches, consider it as a "temporary fix" and not a permanent solution.

How to remove scratches using a brush and leather cream

The most recommended way to remove scratches is the method using a brush and leather cream.

By using a brush and cream, not only can you remove the scratches cleanly but also take care of the leather.

With this method, you can not only get rid of the scratches but also achieve a glossy effect, resulting in a wallet with a charming appearance.

革の傷のbefore after

Sure, let's explain the specific method step by step.
First, let's prepare the necessary items.

<Materials Needed>

  • Horsehair brush
  • Leather cream
  • Soft cloth

Brush to remove debris


First, perform brushing to remove any dust or debris from the leather wallet.

With careful brushing, minor scratches can become less noticeable at this stage.

We recommend using the horsehair brush available at our shop, designed with a comfortable handle for easy use.

【レザーケア】Hallelujah 馬毛ブラシ ブナ持ち手

 [Leather Care] Hallelujah Horse Hair Brush Beech Handle

Wipe the surface dry with a soft cloth


Before applying the cream, dry wipe the surface with a soft cloth to further clean it.

The ideal cloth to use in this step is a soft cotton material.

【レザーケア】Hallelujah ケアクロス マイクロファイバー 88

【Leather Care】Hallelujah Care Cloth Microfiber 88

Apply an appropriate amount of leather cream


Take an amount of leather cream, approximately 1 cm in diameter, on a dry cloth, and apply it evenly to the entire leather wallet.

Apply the cream in circular motions to help it blend well with the leather.

(It is recommended to perform a test application on an inconspicuous part of the leather product beforehand.)

【レザーケア】Hallelujah UVケアクリーム 日本製

【Leather Care】Hallelujah UV Care Cream Made in Japan

What to do if the scar doesn't go away?

Use a complementary cream or leather manicure

If there are tears or severe scratches on the leather, it is possible to make them less noticeable by using color-matching creams or leather manicures.

You need not worry about color fading, and if you cannot find the exact color you need, you can mix the products similar to paint.

To use them, apply a small amount of either product to the damaged area, then use a cloth or brush to buff and blend it into the surrounding leather, making the scratch less noticeable.

However, please note that this method can be challenging for color adjustment, so it is not highly recommended for those unfamiliar with it.


M.MOWBRAY leather manicure




If you can't do anything about it, you should ask a professional to fix it


As mentioned earlier, if the care methods do not fully restore the leather or if the damage is too severe, it is recommended not to force it and instead seek help from a specialized leather repair shop.


How was it?

For those who want to prolong the life of their leather wallet, we recommend regular care and maintenance!

If this article can be of any help to you, we would be delighted.

Until next time in our next article.

Thank you so much for reading this far!

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