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Welcome to the "Hallelujah LEATHER". In order to ensure your confidence in using the various services and information on this website, we hereby explain the privacy protection policy of this website to safeguard your rights and interests. Please read the following content carefully:

I. Scope of Application of Privacy Protection Policy

The content of the privacy protection policy includes how this website handles personal identifiable information collected when you use the website services. The privacy protection policy does not apply to related linked websites outside this website, nor does it apply to personnel not commissioned or participating in the management of this website.

II. Collection, Processing, and Utilization of Personal Data

When you visit this website or participate in website activities, we may ask you to provide necessary personal information based on the nature of the activity. We will process and utilize your personal information within the scope of that specific purpose. Personal information collected by this website, including data sufficient to identify the user's identity, consumption and transaction data, or other personal information provided with your consent in the future, is used only for processing and utilizing within the website, or for the necessary provision of services or fulfillment of contractual obligations, or according to relevant legal regulations, or orders or requests from authorized government agencies. Otherwise, this website will not provide personal information sufficient to identify the user's identity to third parties (including domestic and foreign) or use it for purposes other than collection.

III. Data Protection

The mainframes of this website are equipped with information security equipment and necessary security measures such as firewalls and antivirus systems to protect the website and your personal information. Strict protective measures are adopted to protect the website and your personal information. Only authorized personnel can access your personal information, and relevant processing personnel have signed confidentiality agreements. Violation of confidentiality obligations will result in legal consequences. If it is necessary to commission relevant units to provide services due to business needs, this website will also strictly require them to comply with confidentiality obligations and take necessary inspection procedures to ensure compliance.

IV. Related Links Outside the Website

The webpages of this website provide links to other websites. You can also enter other websites by clicking on the links provided by this website. However, the privacy protection policy of this website does not apply to linked websites outside this website, and you must refer to the privacy protection policy in those linked websites.

V. Policy on Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties

This website will never provide, exchange, rent, or sell any of your personal information to other individuals, groups, private companies, or government agencies, except where there is a legal basis or contractual obligation.

The situations described in the preceding paragraph include but are not limited to:

  • With your consent.
  • As required by law.
  • To maintain national security or enhance the public interest.
  • To eliminate danger to your life, body, freedom, or property.
  • When your behavior on this website violates the terms of service of this website or may harm or hinder the rights and interests of this website or cause damage to any person, disclosing your personal information by this website is necessary for identification, contact, or legal action.
  • In the interest of protecting your rights.

When this website commissions external vendors to assist in collecting, processing, or utilizing your personal information, it will fulfill the responsibility of supervision and management over the commissioned vendors or individuals.

Please note that this is a general translation, and for legal documents, it's recommended to consult with a professional translator or legal advisor to ensure accuracy and completeness.