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Tochigi Leather Watch Strap

SKU: JAK083-M-Brown
Sale price¥5,555



Length 18.8 cm
Material Tochigi Leather

Since it uses Tochigi leather, you can enjoy the aging process while wearing it. While typical leather belts tend to wear out in about a year, the material chosen allows for enjoying the aging changes, making it more durable than the regular Apple Watch bands.


"Emphasis on usability" × "The finest Tochigi leather in the country"


The metal part of the watch strap is available in two colors for you to choose from.

Black / Silver

Each one is meticulously crafted in our workshop. This is a genuine leather watch strap designed specifically for Apple Watch. Its slim design is highly recommended, allowing even those with slender wrists, such as women, to wear it comfortably. We have used skin-friendly leather processing to ensure a pressure-free experience, and incorporated a hassle-free design that can be easily removed with just the press of a button.

With the use of Tochigi leather, you can enjoy the pleasure of leather evolving over time. While typical leather straps tend to wear out within a year, this material allows for a durability that surpasses regular Apple Watch bands, offering a matte finish that complements any fashion style. It is a fashionable leather strap that effortlessly exudes style.

※Includes a spring bar removal tool, allowing you to easily replace the strap yourself.


■Compatible Models

Series 7 / 41mm / 45mm
Series 6 / 40mm / 44mm
SE / 40mm / 44mm
Series 5 / 40mm / 44mm
Series 4 / 40mm / 44mm
Series 3 / 38mm / 42mm


Tochigi Leather Watch Strap
Tochigi Leather Watch Strap Sale price¥5,555