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Bifold Wallet KUMORIYA

SKU: KUW006-Navy
Sale price¥9,999

Width approx. 17.2cm
approx. 10.0cm
approx. 1.8cm


Exterior = Snuffed Grain buffalo leather
Interior = Goat Leather


Each use enhances the texture, revealing a stronger gloss on the surface and a beautiful hand-feel.
One of the attractive features is its ability to resist scratches, allowing you to use it toughly for a long time.


「Snuffed Grain buffalo leather」

Unique Texture and Deep Muted Colors

The charm lies in its ruggedness and weighty feel. While it boasts a leather-like texture that is naturally luxurious, what truly stands out is its chic and stylish appearance that embodies KUMORIYA's allure. The material is designed in a very fashionable and modern way, captivating with an adult sense of style. It's a stylish long wallet with a simple form. Whether in formal or casual styles, its sleek form adds a sharp touch to fashion. Being made of genuine leather, it elevates any outfit with sophistication, which is a delightful feature.

It exudes a stylish texture with a transparent gloss. While it is excellent for formal occasions, its use of genuine leather also makes it stylish for casual wear. The design is refined with natural leather for formal use, creating a sophisticated look.

The meticulously crafted interior offers ample space, making it easy and appealing to use. Designed in a size suitable for gentlemen, it complements men well and its spaciousness allows for quick and smart transactions, making it attractive. With no need for detailed storage, it's very user-friendly and suits gentlemen well as a long wallet.

Bifold Wallet KUMORIYA
Bifold Wallet KUMORIYA Sale price¥9,999