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Business backpack genuine Leather waterproof Noble

SKU: HAB013-Brown
Sale price¥38,888

Width aprx. 33.0cm
Height aprx. 42.0cm
Depth aprx. 18.0cm

Weight 1250g
Material Exterior = Buffalo leather

Buffalo leather refers to the leather from buffaloes that inhabit water areas. It is known for its softness and elasticity among various types of leather.


An authentic leather backpack made of buffalo leather.

Stylish and lightweight for commuting
A smart design that complements suits and jackets. It not only looks good but is also highly functional, featuring a cushioned pocket for shock absorption, ideal for organizing and storing items like a notebook PC.

Two-compartment design for easy organization
With a two-compartment design, you can easily separate documents and a PC on one side and smaller items on the other, tailoring it to your needs.

Shock-absorbing pocket to protect your PC or tablet
To ensure the safety of essential devices like PCs, the backpack comes with cushioning material and a fastening belt.

Convenient zipper pocket for small items
A handy zipper pocket to keep small items organized, making it easy to access items like notebooks or headphones.

Business backpack genuine Leather waterproof Noble
Business backpack genuine Leather waterproof Noble Sale price¥38,888