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Coin catcher Himeji leather coin case JAPAN FACTORY LEAP

SKU: JAK021-Choco
Sale price¥6,666

Width aprx.   6.5cm
Height aprx. 11.0cm

Weight 65g
Material Japanese HIMEJI leather(horse leather)

Horsehide has a distinctive fiber layer, making it thinner and lighter than cowhide.
Moreover, if they have the same thickness, horsehide surpasses in strength.


A minimal designed wallet made of Japanese Bueblo leather.
Minimal Design with Functionality
This is a wallet with coin catcher as an accent. Not only the minimal design but the functionality of this wallet makes you feel happy to carry around every day.
How To Use the Coin Catcher
To insert and remove coins, you can simply slide the coins into each slot.
Make sure you store the coins one by one in the coin catcher.  If you insert the coins in a row correctly, the thickness of the wallet will not change even if you insert the maximum number of coins. Applicable for storing 500yen, 100yen, 50yen and 10yen. Each side has a card pocket so that you can also store your everyday use card or bills.
Japanese Bueblo Leather
We use ’Japanese Bueblo leather’ which is processed in a special way. It s a type of leather that has been processed to absorb the oil in the leather and the same oil is also used for bridle leather when applying surface-treatment. By this process, you can enjoy its elastic and luxury texture.
Enjoy the natural aging process of the leather. Normally, the color gets lighter and the surface becomes blocky when leather is folded however it will fade away if you gently rub with your hands or a soft cloth.  

Coin catcher Himeji leather coin case JAPAN FACTORY LEAP
Coin catcher Himeji leather coin case JAPAN FACTORY LEAP Sale price¥6,666