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Foldable eco bag Vegetable tanned leather Mollis

SKU: HAB019-Black
Sale price¥7,777

Width approx. 22.5cm

approx. 23.5cm


approx. 4.5cm



Exterior = Cowhide (vegetable tanned)
Interior = Cowhide (vegetable tanned)


This is the Cow Nume leather series tanned with natural vegetable-derived tannins. It is dyed to achieve an exquisite color while maintaining a soft texture and typical leather feel, creating an elegant and mature impression.


Leather bag that can be carried like a long wallet
A mini bag with a minimal design that can be used from casual formal occasions. Despite being made of genuine leather, it is a new leather bag that can be "folded".

With the trend of compact items, bags are also becoming more minimalistic. The use of sub-bags is rapidly increasing. However, in the case of sub-bags where portability is important, the range of design options is limited, making it difficult to have a specific preference. That's why we have created a bag that can be folded using soft leather, which can be both a sub-bag and a main bag.

Authentic soft cowhide leather
When it comes to folding bags, they often give a cheap impression. However, we use cowhide leather throughout and use "Tochigi leather," which Japan is proud of, for the handles. For example, when buying lunch on the way to work, using a regular plastic bag or a common eco-bag can feel cheap and mismatched with your suit style. I'm sure many people have had that experience.

Stylish and convenient folding bag
Because it is made of high-quality leather, you can use it quickly without worrying about the appearance not only during commuting but also during lunchtime, shopping, or when needed in formal situations.

You can securely hold it by passing the leftover leather string wound around the outside. We achieved a neat impression using only leather cuts and stitches without using rivets or rings.

Almost the size of a long wallet
The folded size is approximately 12.0cm × 21.0cm, almost the size of a long wallet, making it easy to carry and use as a sub-bag for those who usually carry large bags.

Foldable eco bag Vegetable tanned leather Mollis
Foldable eco bag Vegetable tanned leather Mollis Sale price¥7,777