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TIDY2.0 MARLE Small L-zipper

SKU: TOW013-Black
Sale price¥13,333

Width aprx.  17.2cm
Height aprx. 10.0cm
Depth aprx. 1.8cm

Weight  120g
Material Exterior = Cowhide
Interior = Cowhide

The main leather used for TIDY 2.0 MARLE is cowhide with an embossed finish, providing a luxurious feel. This imparts a refreshing and light touch, enhancing the appeal of the wallet.
It also comes with the benefit of making scratches and dirt less noticeable, making it easy to use in various situations without being overly concerned about wear and tear.


Pocket-sized, slim, and short wallet

While traditional long wallets offer excellent storage capacity, they are often large and thick. The wallet that breaks this concept and undergoes repeated improvements is the "TIDY 2.0."

・In recent times, traditional long wallets may feel a bit excessive.
・Prefer using long wallets but don't want to fold bills.
・Seek a wallet that fits neatly in pockets even without a bag.

Addressing the challenges faced by those who prefer long wallets, we thoroughly reconsidered and reconstructed the design.

Perfect for any outing

With the capacity to hold 20 bills, 20 coins, and 15 cards, the TIDY 2.0 covers the needs of a traditional long wallet. Additionally, it features three convenient key pockets and a free pocket that can even accommodate passbooks. Carry just the TIDY and be ready to go anywhere.

Reduced by 2.8cm compared to typical long wallets

Without compromising on storage capacity, we successfully achieved overall compactness. By arranging cards vertically, we reduced the width by approximately 2.8cm. The wallet is designed to fit a ten-thousand-yen bill without folding, achieving a nearly minimal size.

TIDY2.0 MARLE Small L-zipper
TIDY2.0 MARLE Small L-zipper Sale price¥13,333