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Moldi Bifold Wallet Tochigi Leather Vono oil JAPAN FACTORY MANO

SKU: JAW020-Camel
Sale price¥11,111

Width aprx. 9.5cm
Height aprx. 8.5cm
Depth aprx. 0.8cm

Weight  42g
Material Exterior = Cowhide (Tochigi Leather)
Interior  = Cowhide (Tochigi Leather)
TOCHIGI Leather is popular amongst apparel brands all around the world.
Carefully tanned with plant-based tannins and vegetable oil using time-honored methods by well-trained artisans. 

A hard and thin wallet without a lid in Tochigi leather. With Moldi, which fits in your pocket for a short time or at lunchtime, it's easy. The shallow, easy-to-remove coin purse without a lid is designed to a height that makes it easy to take out with your fingertips.
There are two main card pockets, but you can store additional cards in the wallet, and store receipts and loyalty cards. In addition, a small hidden pocket is placed under the coin pocket.

Functionality meets design
To prevent coins from spilling when opened, arrow-shaped engravings indicate the orientation of the wallet. We have paid attention to a design that not only focuses on functionality and portability but also encourages attachment, allowing you to continue using it with affection.

Flexible Storage Options
Since the number of cards needed varies for each individual, we've designed the main card pocket with two slots. This allows for flexibility in storage, enabling you to add cards to the billfold section, store receipts, or keep loyalty cards according to your preferences.

Small Hidden Pocket Under the Coin Pocket
A discreet slot under the coin pocket is perfectly designed to snugly fit a single key. This incision-type storage is versatile, allowing you to use it for items like SD cards, password notes, or charms, adapting to your specific needs.

Moldi Bifold Wallet Tochigi Leather  Vono oil JAPAN FACTORY MANO
Moldi Bifold Wallet Tochigi Leather Vono oil JAPAN FACTORY MANO Sale price¥11,111