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Mouse pad made from Tochigi leather

SKU: JAK108-Choco
Sale price¥3,333

Width aprx.  17.4cm
aprx.  15.3cm
aprx.   0.4cm

Cowhide leather (Tochigi leather)

Tochigi leather, a top-quality leather that Japan boasts to the world, is supple, sturdy, and develops a deep and rich character over time, making it highly regarded worldwide. 


It is manufactured with a traditional tanning process involving more than 20 steps using plant-derived tannins, resulting in vegetable-tanned leather that is hard, durable, and resistant to deformation.

Each piece is carefully crafted with heartfelt dedication from our in-house workshop.

Tochigi leather, supple and durable, develops a rich patina over time, making it highly valued worldwide. The tanner who produces leather of the highest quality is the pride of Japan, known as Tochigi leather. The natural expressions of genuine leather represent their unique characteristics. Please enjoy the individuality and charm of each piece.

As these are items you use every day, enjoy the process of using and aging leather items. Please savor the changes that match your usage habits.

Mouse pad made from Tochigi leather
Mouse pad made from Tochigi leather Sale price¥3,333