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Beauties of nature long wallet L-shaped zipper JAPAN FACTORY MANO

SKU: JAW024-Camel
Sale price¥15,555

Width aprx. 20.0cm
Height aprx. 10.5cm
Depth aprx. 2.3cm

Weight 200g
Material Cowhide Leather (Tochigi Leather)

Tochigi Leather, a leather of the highest quality that Japan proudly presents to the world. Supple, robust, and developing a deep and rich patina over time, Tochigi Leather is globally acclaimed.

A playful series that expresses the overall pattern by embossing on Tochigi leather, which Japan is proud of in the world.

A sleek appearance even when neatly organized.

When it comes time to replace a wallet, initially organizing and swapping the contents may seem sufficient, but over time, it tends to bulge and become insufficient in capacity. Many people have experienced this. As a result, it not only affects the interior but also deteriorates the overall appearance.

"TIDY" features a calculated interior design that maintains a smart exterior appearance even when accommodating numerous items. Once the zipper is closed, it retains a sleek look, ensuring a tidy appearance regardless of the contents stored.

Opens wide for quick access

For a wallet used multiple times a day, such as at convenience stores or supermarkets, having to search for cards during checkout due to a disorganized state can be time-consuming. "TIDY" ensures that anyone can become adept at organizing.

The moment it is opened, you can instantly grasp the location of each item, enabling swift and hassle-free payments at the cash register.

The interior is always easy to organize and has a sense of size.
It is packed with ease of use, such as a central card pocket that is easy to take out, a "bill partition" that can be taken out the moment you open it, and a coin purse with a gusset on one side that is easy to see.

A timeless standard that never gets old
We hope you'll use and cherish it for a long time. With that sentiment, we've crafted a simple design. Available in unisex color variations, it seamlessly fits into business settings without any sense of awkwardness.


Beauties of nature long wallet L-shaped zipper JAPAN FACTORY MANO
Beauties of nature long wallet L-shaped zipper JAPAN FACTORY MANO Sale price¥15,555