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TIDY2.0 Lumina metallic leather long wallet

SKU: HAW021-ME-Silver
Sale price¥13,333

Width approx.  17.2cm
Height approx. 10.0cm
Depth approx. 1.8cm


Material Exterior = Cowhide (Foil stamping leather)

The main leather used for TIDY2.0 Lumina is a luxurious metallic leather with a soft and smooth touch, creating a moist and high-end feel.
It features a surface embossed with wrinkles, using genuine leather with aluminum foil. Available in glamorous gold and silver colors.

※To be shipped around early February.

Pocket-sized, slim, and compact, a short long wallet While traditional long wallets excel in storage capacity, they tend to be large and bulky. The wallet that has undergone repeated improvements to overturn this conventional notion is none other than "TIDY 2.0.

Reduced by 2.8cm compared to typical long wallets
Successfully achieved overall compactness without sacrificing storage capacity. By arranging cards vertically, the width is reduced by approximately 2.8cm. Finished in almost the smallest size possible, accommodating a ten-thousand yen bill without folding.

Ready for an outing with just this one
Capable of holding 20 bills, 20 coins, and 15 cards, the capacity of this wallet is more than sufficient compared to traditional long wallets. Additionally, it features three convenient key pockets and a free pocket that can even accommodate a passbook. With TIDY, you can go anywhere with just this wallet. That's the goal we aimed for.

TIDY2.0 Lumina metallic leather long wallet
TIDY2.0 Lumina metallic leather long wallet Sale price¥13,333