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Article: How to care for leather products and maintain their cleanliness and durability

How to care for leather products and maintain their cleanliness and durability

How to care for leather products and maintain their cleanliness and durability

Bought leather products and ready to start caring for them? Whether you're proactive in maintaining your leather or facing the aftermath of a little dirt, this is a blog for you.

  • "When should you use leather conditioner?"
  • "How often should you apply conditioner?"
  • "Any precautions to consider?"

Understanding these little tips about caring for leather before using a leather conditioner can help your favorite leather items stay in better condition and last longer.

1. Use according to the effect! Leather care cream used for leather maintenance.

Although it may sound simple as 'maintenance,' various methods are employed, such as wiping with a soft cloth.Using brushes and applying leather care cream.

This time we will focus on introducing leather care cream,which comes in different types based on its effects.

First, let's take a look at the different types of leather care creams classified according to their effects.

1-1. Emulsifying Care Cream

This is a type of care cream that provides a highly nutritious replenishing effect to leather. It has high penetrability, making it perfect for those who want to meticulously nurture their leather!

There are mainly two types: bottled and tube-packaged.

Collonil's SUPREME series is the highest quality leather care cream widely used by professionals.

Please check the link below:

1-2. Wax Care Cream

Wax care cream is a type of cream that imparts a high shine and waterproof effect to leather. Due to its low penetrability, it is especially suitable for treating leather shoes before going outdoors. This cream is excellent at enhancing the luster of leather and is also known as "boot polish."

Please check the link below:

1-3.Softening Cream

Softening cream is particularly suitable for leather with a matte texture, such as lambskin and kid leather. It is softer compared to cowhide, making it ideal for light-colored leather shoes that are less prone to showing marks. Although it may not produce as much shine in comparison, it possesses high versatility.

Please check the link below:

2. Essential Points to Consider Before Applying Leather Care Cream!

After learning about the various types of leather care creams, let's delve into important considerations during the application process. It's essential to understand factors such as usage precautions, the frequency of applying leather care cream, and the opportune moments for application.

2-1. The Effects of Using Leather Care Cream

The effectiveness of leather care cream is influenced by the moisture, oil content, and the characteristics of the leather. In general, it:

  • Replenishes appropriate levels of moisture and oil
  • Softens the leather
  • Effectively removes dirt and mold
  • Enhances shine
  • Protects the leather from scratches

These are the overall effects achieved with the use of leather care cream.

2-2. How often should leather care cream be used for optimal effectiveness

Leather care cream does not require frequent application.

While this may vary depending on the type of leather, generally, a monthly maintenance routine is most effective. For those seeking a more detailed care routine, applying every two weeks is also acceptable.

Frequent use of conditioning cream may lead to an excessive impact on the leather, affecting its overall condition, so caution is advised.

However, it is recommended to maintain a daily habit of wiping with a towel. Whether you choose to wipe or not can impact the effectiveness of monthly cream application.

Wiping doesn't need to be strenuous and is recommended as a daily care habit.


2-3. When Using Leather Care Cream who Things To Consider. 

When using leather care cream, failure to consider the surface finishing method of the leather may lead to stains or discoloration, compromising the appearance of the leather.

Before applying care, it is essential to conduct a test in an inconspicuous area to ensure no issues like fading or additional stains occur, and then proceed with comprehensive application.

Additionally, one of the most crucial considerations when handling leather is when the leather goods get wet, such as in the rain. In such situations, it is crucial to avoid using high-temperature devices like hair dryers to dry the leather.

High-temperature drying can cause leather to shrink and harden, rendering it unsuitable for use. If the leather is damp, it should be air-dried in a well-ventilated area.

2-4.You Need To Prepare Something Before Leather Care

— All the care products used in this session are from the Collonil brand.

Collonil is a well-established manufacturer with over 100 years of history, part of the German company Zalzbronn. They specialize in providing care products for 'footwear and leather.' With a history spanning more than a century, this brand is widely utilized in approximately 100 countries globally."

 Dry cloth (preferably a soft cotton cloth, or something like unworn undergarments)

This cloth can be used for applying cream, wiping, and organizing, making it a versatile fabric.

The one used this time is Collonil's 'Polishing Cloth,' made of short-pile cotton fabric.

Please check the link below:


Used for removing dust and surface dirt, or for applying nourishing cream to allow deep penetration and surface organization.

The one used this time is Collonil's 'Horsehair Brush.'

Please check the link below:

③Leather Care Cream

Provides nutritional supply, imparts shine, and moisturizes the leather.

The one used this time is Collonil's '1909 Supreme Cream Deluxe.' This is a premium care cream with outstanding penetrative properties, containing ingredients such as cedarwood oil and lanolin.

Please check the link below:

 Waterproof Spray

In the final step, use the spray to supplement nutrition.

The one used this time is '1909 Supreme Protect Spray.' It is a waterproof spray containing cedar wood oil as a maintenance ingredient. It provides waterproofing without compromising breathability, while also replenishing nutrition to the leather with cedar wood oil.

Please check the link below:

3. Actual Application of Leather Care

For reference, this time we are using the Hallelujah 'Full Leather Long Wallet.'

Made from leather that naturally changes (ages) with time, it undergoes natural aging during regular use. Therefore, it can be cultivated into a wallet that suits personal preferences through different care methods.

3-1. Brush

First, prepare to apply the leather care cream.
By using a brush, remove dust and dirt from the leather product.

3-2. Wipe Dry with a Soft Cloth

After brushing, use a soft cloth made of natural materials to wipe and keep the leather surface clean.

3-3. Take an Appropriate Amount of Care Cream

Using a dry cloth, take about 1cm of care cream.

3-4.  Apply Care Cream

Finally, it's time to apply the cream. Apply it in a circular motion.

The care cream adds nutrients to the leather, enhancing its shine.
Don't forget the corners; gently apply it to the entire wallet.

(As mentioned in 2-3, it is recommended to do a test application in an inconspicuous area of the leather product before applying it widely).

3-5.Brush Again

Before using the brush again, wait for about 5 minutes to allow the nutrients from the care cream to fully penetrate.

After waiting, use the brush again to remove excess care cream or dust from the seams and other areas of the leather product.

3-6. Wipe Dry Again

After brushing, use a dry cloth to remove any remaining care cream and dust.

3-7. Use Waterproof Spray

Before spraying the waterproof spray, double-check for any dust or particles on the leather product.

Hold the wallet about 30cm away and spray the entire surface with the waterproof spray. The key is to let the wallet air dry naturally without touching it after spraying the waterproof spray.

※ If you touch the surface before the waterproof spray dries, fingerprints may appear. If this happens, wipe with a dry cloth and then reapply the waterproof spray.

After it dries, repeat the waterproof spray process. Repeating it twice can enhance the waterproof effect. Caring for leather products after getting wet can be challenging.

Make sure to follow this step diligently.

As a follow-up:

The timing of using the waterproof spray can be either before or after applying the care cream. It depends on whether you prioritize the effects of the care cream or the waterproof spray more.

3-8. Reference Video for Leather Care

4. Tools Beyond Care Cream for Universal Use


This product is used for removing dirt. It comes in various forms such as tubes, bottles, aerosol sprays, and erasers.

Its properties range from weak acidity, neutral, to alkaline, with the highest cleaning power in alkaline solutions. However, caution is needed as alkaline cleaners may cause leather discoloration.

Additionally, some products claim to offer not only cleaning but also waterproofing, brightening, softening, anti-mold, and maintenance effects.

Please check the link below:

4-2.Protective Oil

These products come in forms such as paste, liquid, semi-solid, and aerosol spray. They can enhance the suppleness of leather and prevent it from cracking.

Please check the link below:

4-3.Waterproofing Agent

Aerosol spray is the mainstream form, containing ingredients such as silicone oil and fluorine compounds. Additionally, some care creams incorporate waterproofing effects.

When using these products, it's crucial to choose those suitable for the specific type of leather (not the animal type, but the surface treatment status, such as suede, raw leather, coated, etc.) and conduct a color fading, stain, or blotch test in an inconspicuous area.


When deciding to engage in leather care with enthusiasm, the difference between understanding necessary information and having essential items beforehand versus proceeding without any knowledge can significantly impact the changes in the leather.

Leather products are highly delicate, and the approach directly influences the texture and color of the leather. Just like taking a shower every day, make it a habit to clean leather products with a soft cloth!

Then, engage in monthly care with leather cream, starting with a test application to add more charm to your leather products.

Through daily care habits and monthly leather cream applications, let your leather products become filled with love and uniqueness!

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