Static electricity removal handle

SKU: JAK100-Camel

Width aprx. 20.0cm
Height aprx. 10.5cm
Depth aprx. 2.3cm

Weight 20g
Material Cowhide Leather (Tochigi Leather)

Tochigi Leather, a leather of the highest quality that Japan proudly presents to the world. Supple, robust, and developing a deep and rich patina over time, Tochigi Leather is globally acclaimed.


Bag handle cover with electrostatic prevention function by using static electricity-resistant sewing thread and electrostatic removal tape.

The non-slip sheet prevents slipping from the shoulder, and the structure allows for semi-shoulder attachment, making it easy to open and close the bag even with the handle cover in place.

It protects the hands and bag handles, reducing the burden on hands, arms, and shoulders. Additionally, it helps prevent the aging of the bag handle. Crafted from thick and durable Tochigi leather for those seeking high-quality materials in electrostatic removal items.

Static electricity removal handle
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