Key Covers Tochigi leather 2set JAPAN FACTORY

SKU: JAK092-Choco

Width aprx.  2.7cm
Height aprx.  2.5cm


Material  Tochigi Leather

The manufacturing number is engraved on the top of the key, which is surprisingly important personal information that many people overlook. 


【Product Information】

The top of the key can be engraved with a manufacturing number. This is an important personal information, please consider this small leather item that not only provides security protection but also convenience. Made with the same natural leather as popular leather wallets, using Tochigi Leather.

It becomes softer with use, presenting a rich texture and gradually undergoes the aging process (aging changes).

For situations with many keys that are difficult to distinguish at a glance, such as at home, office, ancestral home, warehouse, etc., it is also very convenient to manage them by using different colors for differentiation. In addition, through name engraving, you will obtain a unique key cover.


Key Covers Tochigi leather 2set JAPAN FACTORY
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