Brass keychain leather Hallelujah

SKU: JAK026-Brown

Width aprx. 4.2cm
Height aprx. 2.1cm

Material Brass/Key Cover Cowhide

[Small Leather and Brass Key Ring for
Enjoying Leather and Brass]
The brass hardware is in the rounded
shape of a small key.
To add a slightly unique touch, a genuine leather key cover is included.


Enjoy Tochigi Leather x Brass Texture Small Keyring

The brass metal accessory is in the shape of a "key"

The small metal accessory is actually in the shape of a key. When combined with the Tochigi leather keyring, it gives a slightly unique feeling.

The set includes a key-shaped metal accessory made of Tochigi leather and three keyrings. The installation method is to press down on the hook part and slide it. Thread the metal ring through the opening.

Please inform us of the three colors you need after placing the order

Brown / Camel / Black / Wine red / Navy / Dark green
Pink / Blue / Yellow / Turquoise / Natural / Red

Brass keychain leather Hallelujah
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