Hallelujah Leather Long Strap

SKU: HAK037-Brown


116~93.5 cm

Material Cowhide / Brass Fittings
Cowhide Leather Neck Strap

Add a touch of luxury to the
convenience of having it when you need it.

An easy way to make any bag more versatile? - Try our original “Various” straps.

-Commercialized by Our Customer’s Request
Originally, these straps had been only sold in pairs with “Various” which is one of our popular wallet products however we have received a lot of customer reviews to sell them individually. We are very pleased to inform you that we have add these new items to our shop.

-Simple design & Easy to Style Up
This genuine pull-up cowhide leather straps that easily clips on to everything from your smallest crossbody bag to your largest tote bag. Perfect match with our original products named “Various” however you can also use your own leather items.

-Enjoy the Aging of Pull-Up Cowhide Leather 
Made of genuine pull-up cowhide leather that is carefully tanned with plant-based tannins which means they've got natural highs and lows of color and will just look better and better over time. Due to the characteristics of the leather, it may be slightly scratched, but the longer you use it, you can enjoy the color.

Material: Pull-up cowhide leather / Metal clasps
Size: W1.2cm / L93.5cm (Shortest) - 126.0cm(Longest) 
Strap Holes: 14 (Each space has 2.5cm)

Hallelujah Leather Long Strap
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