Tochigi Leather Neck Strap

SKU: JAK046-Choco

Size 47.5 cm
Material Tochigi Leather

For smartphone case straps. Ideal for office, commuting, and school. Convenient even during work or tasks.

The length is adjustable at the back. You can use it at a length that suits you.

The adjustable parts also serve as a design accent. The popular Tochigi leather gains more luster as it is used.

The tip's fittings use brass, providing an antique atmosphere to enjoy along with the aging of the leather.

It's a material that allows you to enjoy aging along with the leather.


A leather strap made of Japanese TOCHIGI leather. We made a little bit of luxury items for you that are "convenient to have". 

-Use any occasions 
scene1. For your smartphone case.
scene2. For your IC /ID card holders for your business/school scenes.
scene3. For those who want to keep your daily items nearby. 

-Easy to Use
This strap can be adjusted at the back and the adjustment parts have different colors, which makes it a good accent. The snap hooks are very easy to attach, so it is convenient to organize your bag by connecting them to the items you want to take out smoothly, such as your key case or smartphone. Also the snap-hooks are made of brass with an antique taste.

-Japanese TOCHIGI leather
TOCHIGI leather is popular amongst apparel brands all around the world. Carefully tanned with plant-based tannins and vegetable oil using time-honored methods by well-trained artisans. The longer you use it, you can enjoy the color of the product.

-A multi-use strap made of Japanese TOCHIGI leather.
-Parts for adjustable length x1, snap hook x 2

Tochigi Leather Neck Strap
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