Genuine Leather Pen Case

SKU: HAK015-Black

Width aprx.   20.0cm
Height aprx.   9.0cm
Depth aprx.   9.0cm

Capacity:   1.27 liters.
Material Cowhide

Large capacity makes it perfect for versatile uses such as a makeup pouch or pen case.

Ideal for women as a spacious makeup pouch. Suitable for use as a pen case, and for those who enjoy crafting, it can also serve as a stationery or tool organizer.


Big Pouch that holds plenty in both hands.

With its large capacity, it's perfect as a makeup pouch or a pencil case. It serves as a spacious makeup pouch that women will appreciate. Not just limited to pencils, it's also suitable for those who enjoy crafts, serving as a stationery or tool organizer.

Crafted from high-quality leather, it has a pleasant touch and easily adapts to the skin. Its versatile design makes it suitable for those unfamiliar with leather as well. 

Genuine Leather Pen Case
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