文章: Introducing the machines and tools used in leather craft!

Introducing the machines and tools used in leather craft!

Introducing the machines and tools used in leather craft!


Hello everyone, this is the staff from Hallelujah.

Do you know the machines and tools used in making leather products?

In the process of crafting shoes, handbags, and leather accessories, in addition to commonly available tools, there are also some industry-specific customized tools and handmade tools.

This time, we will explain these tools by category!

Manual Press

This machine is used for binding copper buttons. By pressing the lever, the copper button is embedded using the leverage principle.

According to the size of the copper button to be used, replace the upper and lower parts.

Hot knife

The hot knife is used to cut excess threads or as a tool for hot stamping.

Attach the specialized embossing tool to the end of the hot knife, then simply press it onto the leather like a stamp to imprint the logo. It can be used not only on leather but also for stamping on wood, candies, and more.

Here, the sewing rod is used to burn-cut the excess thread after sewing with a sewing machine. Through burn-cutting, the thread ends melt and secure, making it less prone to fraying.


The previous paragraph is about a special tool used for repairing metal accessories on bags or handbags. The next paragraph is about a common tool that everyone often encounters.

This pair of pliers is used to repair the loose zipper pull tabs.

Knife and scissors, cutting tools

Tools for paring leather edges, such as a skiving knife, blades, scissors, etc.
The plane knife is used to address excess material along the edges.

Cutting tools

This is a tool used for cutting leather, available in various shapes and styles.

Alter the shape of the untreated canvas bag handle ends.

The originally sharp tip has become rounded.

Punching tools

The hole-punching tool is used to punch holes at positions where the stitching passes through or to mark the locations for securing metal accessories.

Marking the position for attaching the copper buckle to the rope clamp.


This is a tool used to punch holes in leather.They have available in various sizes. It is used by striking from above with a mallet.

This is the situation of punching holes at the positions previously marked using the hole-punching tool.


Primarily used for applying glue on leather.

By using a brush, you can evenly apply glue.

Hitting tools

This serves the same purpose as the manual press introduced earlier, a tool used when we need to operate manually.

Using a hammer to strike from above, opening holes in the position for binding the copper button.

The others

Using rulers, micrometers, protractors, and rollers for stretching leather and other materials, as well as tools like pliers.


Before I joined this company, I always thought that all leather products were made by machines. However, when I learned that craftsmen meticulously craft each product through multiple processes, it surprised me greatly, and that impression remains vivid to this day. I hope everyone can cherish Hallelujah's products for a long time.

See you next article.

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