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Bifold wallet waterproof slim genuine Leather Noble

SKU: HAW018-Brandy
Sale price¥12,222

Width aprx. 9.0cm
Height aprx. 10.5cm
Depth aprx. 1.8cm

Weight 58g
Material Exterior = Cowhide (Buffalo Leather) 

Buffalo leather, which inhabits water areas, is referred to as "Buffalo Leather."
Among various types of leather, it is distinguished by its softness and elasticity.

Easy to Use Design
The wallet has 7 card pockets and can easily hold the number of cards you use daily and the bill compartment has a divider for sorting receipts. The large coin pocket can hold a lot of coins and is easy to take out as well. Also it fits neatly in the pocket of your jacket or suit by its thinness (approx. 1.8cm). Its simple and standard design makes it a long-lasting favorite.

The large and open coin pocket not only provides ample storage space but also allows you to quickly deposit a large amount of change without any delay at the cash register. The bill compartment features partitions for organizing different denominations and a convenient design for storing receipts.

Noble used water-resistant leather.

Made of Buffalo Leather
It is the leather of buffaloes that live in rivers and grasslands. It has a unique wrinkle pattern and also is excellent in water resistance and elasticity. It has both design and functionality, so you can use it as a business bag as well. The more you use it, it will start to fit in your hand comfortably. You can enjoy the texture and aging leather as it looks better and better over time. We believe that it is a leather totes that you will love for a long time.
Bifold wallet waterproof slim genuine Leather Noble
Bifold wallet waterproof slim genuine Leather Noble Sale price¥12,222