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SKU: HAW006-Choco
Sale price¥9,999

Width aprx. 10.5cm
Height aprx. 8.5cm
Depth aprx. 3.2cm

Weight 100g
Material Exterior = Cowhide (Pull-up Leather) 

We used 'Pull-up Leather.'
Pull-up leather is leather that has been generously infused with oil.

Why you might like this 

Wallet that's just the right size.
FOLIO upgraded to a smaller size.

・With 11 card pockets for flexible storage of various cards, 1 bill compartment, and 1 coin compartment with a separator. It can hold 20 bills and 20 coins, making it easy to carry.

・Using special "pull-up" leather that can remove scratches on its own. This leather contains a large amount of oil and ester, so as it is used over time, it is gloss and depth will change. 

The wallet has 11 pockets where you can flexibly store cards. It has enough capacity to hold 20 bills and 20 coins, all in a compact, handheld size.

■We have successfully reduced the width to 1.5cm. Compared to the first model "FOLIO," it has been downsized to fit in the palm of your hand.

It opens wide, allowing for quick access to the items you want to retrieve.

The pockets of "FOLIO 2.0" are distributed across the left, center, and right sides, allowing for card storage in a separated manner. This helps you organize the cards based on frequency and purpose, making it easier to intuitively locate them without having to search through a single pocket every time.

The bill compartment is also designed for easy organization and storage
The bill compartment is designed to perfectly fit 10,000 yen bills. With the central divider, you can easily organize and store your bills. Place the 10,000 yen bills towards the back and keep frequently used 1,000 yen bills at the front. This allows for convenient categorization.

Flexible storage is possible
Are you carrying a separate key case for just one key? By storing it in your wallet, you can make your everyday outings more convenient and lightweight.

With differently sized free pockets that can accommodate more than just cards, you can customize its use according to your lifestyle. For example, you can keep essential medications, notes, or charms inside.

Leather that magically removes scratches when rubbed?
Pull-up leather is a type of leather that is heavily infused with oils during the tanning process, allowing the oils to migrate within the leather. This is why it is called "Pull-up" leather.

The surface of pull-up leather has a matte texture with a slightly brushed appearance. It is prone to developing scratches initially, but one of its distinctive features is that shallow scratches can be rubbed out or result in color changes when rubbed with a finger or similar action.

FOLIO 2.0 Sale price¥9,999