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Long Wallet round zipper genuine Leather Hallelujah

SKU: HAW001-Brown
Sale price¥9,999

Width aprx. 22.0cm
Height aprx. 12.0cm
Depth aprx.   3.5cm

Weight 235g
Material Cowhide (Pull-up Leather) 

We used 'Pull-up Leather.'
Pull-up leather is leather that has been generously infused with oil.

[Simple without decorating. Still, high quality genuine leather can be felt on the entire surface. We are particular about the design that can be used for a long time.]

Pull up" and "Up", the oil moves inside the leather as it is used, which makes the leather easy to age, which is the pleasure of leather. Please enjoy the process of changing the texture of the leather to your own.

-The gusset is 100° to 120° wide. 
-Large card pocket that can hold a total of 15 cards
-Separate" bill compartment
-Smooth YKK fasteners are used.


Designed to Fit the Owner, Popular Among Both Men and Women Anyone can become an organization expert with a well-thought-out interior.

Fits a Passbook Equipped with dividers for organizing bills and receipts Central pocket for frequently used cards Smooth coin pocket Easy-to-view pocket for storing business cards and receipts

Point 01: Quick and Accessible Bill Storage with "Divider Storage"

One of the major stress factors during payments is the time it takes to store and retrieve bills in the pocket. To address this, we have adopted "divider" storage that allows quick retrieval and storage.

Point 02: 100~120 Degrees. Opens Wide with a Large Gusset Width.

"Just fitting a lot" is not the only requirement; true convenience comes with both large capacity and ease of storage. By ensuring a wide gusset width, the wallet opens wide at 100 to 120 degrees, making storage easy for everyone.

Point 03: Smooth Zipper Adoption

Whether shopping is stress-free or becomes a source of frustration often depends on just one thing: the zipper. We want you to use it "comfortably." With that in mind, we have used the reliable YKK zipper.

Structure? Outer Card Case Linked with the Inside

In today's world where smartphones and card payments are prevalent, we have created a card pocket that is linked between the outer and inner parts for one-touch payments.

Long Wallet round zipper genuine Leather Hallelujah
Long Wallet round zipper genuine Leather Hallelujah Sale price¥9,999