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TIDY one mini wallet compact Hallelujah

SKU: HAW020-Brown
Sale price¥9,999

Width aprx.   17.2cm
Height aprx. 10.0cm
Depth aprx. 1.8cm

Weight  120g
Material Exterior = Cowhide (Pull-up Leather) Interior = Cowhide (Pull-up Leather)

We used 'Pull-up Leather.'
Pull-up leather is leather that has been generously infused with oil.


The role of wallets is about to change dramatically in the present age when payments using smartphones and cards have increased rapidly.

However, a wallet that is just small does not have a wide range of storage capacity, and if it is forcibly packed, it will naturally be inconvenient.
The compact wallet "TIDY one" is a leather wallet that can be reduced in volume by the sorting structure without forcibly cutting it into the minimum amount of belongings.

"TIDY one" is designed to create the interior of a room.

If the layout and flow lines are poor, it will be difficult to keep things organized and the room will be easily cluttered.

① Congenital layout (wallet structure)
② Acquired layout (how to store)

By matching these two points, you can make the most of the limited space.

By arranging partitions and pockets in millimeters to match bills and coins, we have achieved a storage capacity comparable to that of a long wallet while maintaining a compact size of one-handed size.

Compact enough to fit in one hand

The thickness of the wallet alone is only about "1 cm".
The size is almost the same as the size of two credit cards side by side.

We aimed for a size that fits comfortably in the palm of an adult and is easy to handle.

Freely change according to the content
The interior structure of "TIDY one" is flexible.
It is designed to be slim when it is low, and to change freely according to the capacity when it is high.

Structure ① High and shallow coin case
The coin storage, which is the thickest, has the minimum height and capacity in the center.

No matter how large the coin purse is, if the bottom is deep, there will be wasted space at the top, it will be difficult to take it out, and it will accumulate underneath and become thicker.

Structure ② Convenient built-in key case

A key case for one coin is placed in the part where there is no waste of coin storage.
If you have a key case just for your house key, you should be able to do everything with the "TIDY one" storage.

Structure ③ Outer card case that works with the inside

Today, smartphones and card payments are becoming mainstream.

I made a card pocket that links the outside and the inside so that payment can be completed with one touch.

--Can be stored and taken out from either side.
Not only can you make one-touch payments just by holding your wallet over, but you can also take it out from the outside without opening the wallet when you need it.
If it is a card with a point function,

① Just hold it over when paying
② When receiving only points, take them out from the outside and present them.

Either way, you can use it smoothly.
A completely cashless society is a little further away. It is a flexible storage method unique to modern times with a wide variety of payment methods.

Structure ④ Even if it is small, it opens wide.

By adding a 1 cm round notch to the bottom, it solves the crampedness that is often found in small wallets.
Although it is an L-shaped fastener, it can be opened easily.
Banknotes on the back gusset side can be taken out smoothly.

Also, when storing it, it is designed so that you can smoothly pull out the central coin pocket part lightly with one hand.

"Only leather" so it won't collapse

A typical wallet has a thick paper-like part called a "core material" built into the invisible inner part.
As a result, it is possible to maintain a firm appearance even when using thin leather.
However, the leather wallet is out of shape due to the core material that keeps its appearance.Leather is a natural material by nature, so it tries to maintain its shape by expanding and contracting.

"TIDY one" is made entirely of leather except for fasteners, which prevents it from losing its shape for a long time due to the original strength and expansion and contraction of leather.

We use "pull-up leather" that is soaked in plenty of oil.
Simply rubbing with your finger will make the brushing smooth and even, and even a few scratches will be less noticeable. In addition, it is cowhide that changes the facial expression by moving the oil inside.


TIDY one mini wallet compact Hallelujah
TIDY one mini wallet compact Hallelujah Sale price¥9,999