Key Case Tochigi leather round JAPAN FACTORY

SKU: JAK087-Choco

Width aprx.   11.5cm
Height aprx.   6.0cm
Depth aprx.   2.0cm

Weight 75g
Material Exterior: Cowhide (Tochigi Leather)

Tochigi Leather, the highest quality leather that Japan proudly presents to the world, is used in this product. Supple, sturdy, and gradually developing rich depth with the passage of time, Tochigi Leather is esteemed and recognized worldwide.

Meticulously crafted for "user-friendliness" × Japan's finest "Tochigi Leather"

Ensuring smooth daily use
The ability to store smart keys with the added reassurance of a zipper closure is a plus. The reduced jingling noise also leaves a positive impression.

A delightful addition is the plus-one ring. An independent snap key ring.
The dual key rings inside feature a snap-button design, allowing for rotation and removal. This convenient feature is especially useful for items like car or bicycle keys that can be detached and used separately, catering to various needs.

Enhanced convenience with a card holder.
With a pleasingly soft touch of genuine leather, the simple design shines elegantly with a metal clasp. On the backside of the key ring, there is a card holder. This is a handy feature for storing frequently used cards or security cards that you want to keep together with your keys. (Please note that until the leather softens, the case may be stiff and difficult to store.)

Key Case Tochigi leather round JAPAN FACTORY
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