Brass Key hook U-Shackle 3-key holder JAPAN FACTORY


Height 11.0 cm
Material Brass/Leather Charm (Tochigi Leather)

[Sophisticated Small Item:
Brass Key Holder] Crafted with Tochigi Leather and brass, pursuing the "Made in Japan" concept.
The convenient lever lobster clasp allows easy one-handed opening and closing. You can attach it to your belt or bag, turning your everyday keys into a stylish accessory you can carry with you, adding a touch of color to your daily life.


Made in Japan Brass Key Hook

We use materials that embody the pursuit of Japanese craftsmanship, including Tochigi leather and Himeji leather. With skilled techniques, we create refined and stylish items.

About Brass
Brass, also known as yellow brass or brassware, is an alloy of copper and zinc. It possesses an elegant shine and a soft texture, with a long history as an artistic material. Similar to leather, it develops a unique style and texture over time through extended use and becomes personalized to you.

Product Details
A slim hook that can be threaded through a belt loop, featuring a beautiful curved design. The U-shackle is a removable screw-type fixture, allowing for customization according to your needs.

Brass Key hook U-Shackle 3-key holder JAPAN FACTORY
Brass Key hook U-Shackle 3-key holder JAPAN FACTORY 促销价格$1,167.00