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TIDY long wallet L-shaped zipper KUMORIYA

SKU: KUW005-Brown
Sale price¥11,800

Width aprx.   20.0cm
Height aprx. 10.5cm
Depth aprx. 2.3cm

Weight 200g
Material Exterior: Snuffed Grain buffalo leather
Interior: Goat leather


With each use, the leather gains a richer feel, and a stronger luster emerges on the surface, beautifully adapting to your hand. The durability makes it resistant to scratches, adding to its charm. Enjoy the natural texture and strength of the leather.

Eliminates 4 major stresses that are common in wallets.

A long wallet with a stylish form. Not only formal style,
but also casual style, the sharp form will be a sharp fashion spice.
It's natural leather, so it's a great point to upgrade any outfit.

An adult long wallet that combines elegance and weight. 
Calf leather with a subdued color and moderate luster.

You can quickly take out the cards you use. 
The coin pocket that opens wide not only has a storage capacity, but it
can also be put in at once when you receive a lot of change, so there is no sluggishness in front of the cash register.
The wallet has a partition, which is convenient for sorting by type and storing receipts.
TIDY long wallet L-shaped zipper KUMORIYA
TIDY long wallet L-shaped zipper KUMORIYA Sale price¥11,800