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Leather Long Neck Strap

SKU: HAK068-Choco
Sale price¥1,555

Width aprx. 48.0cm
Height aprx.   0.8cm
Depth aprx.   0.5cm

Weight 20g
Material Cowhide / Brass Fittings
Cowhide Leather Neck Strap

Add a touch of luxury to the convenience of "having it when you need it.


■ Suitable for phone cases. Ideal for office, work, and school. Convenient during work and operations. The tip hardware is made of antique-style brass, allowing you to enjoy the aging process along with the leather.

■ Versatile Usage With an easy-to-use lobster clasp, it can be connected to various accessories. Customize its usage according to your work and environment.


Leather Long Neck Strap
Leather Long Neck Strap Sale price¥1,555