Neck Shoulder Strap

SKU: JAK074-Choco

Width aprx.   84.0cm
Height aprx.      1.0cm
Depth aprx.     0.5cm

Weight 20g
Material Cowhide

You can attach it to various accessories such as pass cases and smartphones. The design features full-grain leather on the entire surface, offering a simple and durable look. You can also enjoy the texture and color of Tochigi leather. The tip is designed with a snap hook for easy attachment.


【Convenient and Luxurious Small Accessory】

Can be attached to various small items such as ID card holders and smartphones. Made entirely of genuine leather, featuring a simple design that allows for long-term use. You can appreciate the texture and color variations of Tochigi leather. The end is equipped with a buckle metal device for easy attachment.


Neck Shoulder Strap
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