Sacoche Tochigi leather bag JAPAN FACTORY MANO

SKU: JAB009-Choco

Width aprx. 23.5cm
Height aprx. 17.5cm
Depth aprx. 4.5cm

Weight 260g
Material Cowhide (Tochigi Leather)

Tochigi Leather, the highest quality leather that Japan proudly presents to the world, is used in this product. Supple, sturdy, and gradually developing rich depth with the passage of time, Tochigi Leather is esteemed and recognized worldwide.

Choco & Camel : It will be shipped at the end of February.
Black : It will be shipped at the Beginning of March.
[Practical 4-way bag that can be used for multiple purposes. ]

One of the Highest Quality Leather in Japan
TOCHIGI Leather is popular amongst apparel brands all around the world.
Carefully tanned with plant-based tannins and vegetable oil using time-honored methods by well-trained artisans.  Due to the characteristic of the leather, firm and thick fibers have its softness touch however it also gives natural flexibility and durability. The longer you use it, you can enjoy the color of the product.

A practical 3-way bag that can be used in multiple ways

  • Body Bag It fits the body like an extension, providing a comfortable and secure feel. Once you use it, you won't want to part with it.

  • Shoulder Bag Adjust the strap length to wear it over the shoulder. You can enjoy different styles depending on your mood or outfit for the day.

  • Clutch Bag Remove the strap, and it transforms into a smart clutch bag that you can carry elegantly with one hand.

    Compact size with ample storage
    Despite its compact size, it has sufficient storage for essentials like wallets, notebooks, smartphones, and more. With additional internal pockets, you can keep small items organized without them scattering.

    Sacoche Tochigi leather bag JAPAN FACTORY MANO
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