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Clutch wallet genuine Leather wallet Hallelujah

SKU: HAW035-Choco
Sale price¥9,999

Width aprx. 19.5cm
Height aprx. 12.0cm
Depth aprx. 3.0cm

Weight  228g
Material Cowhide (Pull-up Leather)

"PASSBOOK Wallet with Security Features for Comprehensive Management According to Your Needs"

The PASSBOOK Wallet 2.0 is a genuine leather wallet that offers versatile functionality for passbook management.

The accordion-style pocket
The accordion-style pocket, designed with dimensions of 9cm in height and 16cm in width, can accommodate five items of A6 size (10.5×14.8cm) such as a passbook, passport, transportation tickets, medication notebook, and banknotes.

Prevention of Magnetic Interference
With the PASSBOOK Wallet 2.0, magnetic prevention materials are incorporated into each accordion-style pocket. This helps prevent magnetic interference between passbooks, ensuring smooth functionality and avoiding the inconvenience and time delay associated with the Reissuance process.

In situations during overseas travel
It can be used as an organizer for passports and airline tickets. By placing them in the accordion-style pockets, you can effortlessly retrieve necessary documents during airport immigration checks or boarding without any haste.

In crowded places like tourist attractions, there is a potential risk of skimming. However, with the built-in skimming prevention feature, you don't have to worry about your credit card information being stolen.

Durable and Aging Gracefully with Pull-Up Leather
While there are passport cases made of fabric or vinyl materials, they often lack durability and may result in damage, risking the loss of valuable passbooks or cards. This product uses pull-up leather from cowhide, ensuring high durability with genuine leather.

Clutch wallet genuine Leather wallet Hallelujah
Clutch wallet genuine Leather wallet Hallelujah Sale price¥9,999