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Brass Tochigi Leather hook key holder JAPAN FACTORY

SKU: JAK009-Camel
Sale price¥2,222

Height 11.0 cm
Material Brass/Leather Charm (Tochigi Leather)

[Sophisticated Small Item: Brass Key Holder]
Crafted with Tochigi Leather and brass, pursuing the "Made in Japan" concept.
You can attach it to your belt or bag, turning your everyday keys into a stylish accessory you can carry with you, adding a touch of color to your daily life.


Simple Keyring with the Allure of Tochigi Leather and Vintage-Style Brass
This keyring effortlessly embodies the charm of mature elegance through the combination of Tochigi leather and vintage-style brass. Its simplicity is elevated by the antique finish and sophisticated texture of the brass, adding a touch of fashion-forwardness. You can also enjoy the tactile quality of various custom accessories that enhance the appeal of brass products.

Tochigi Leather: Recognized Worldwide for its Outstanding Quality
Tochigi leather, renowned for its supple and tastefully aging characteristics, is not only esteemed in Japan but also recognized globally for its exceptional quality. The tanners, the artisans who transform rawhide into leather, take pride in crafting the highest-quality leather, and Tochigi Leather is one such prominent tannery known for producing Japan's finest leather.

Size and Specifications
Ring Part: 1.8cm Key Ring Part: 2.5cm Leather Accessory: 2.0cm Weight: 81g
Brass / Tochigi Leather "Captivating Tochigi Leather and Brass Products"

Please inform us of the four colors you need after placing the order

Brown / Camel / Black / Wine red / Navy / Dark green

Pink / Blue / Yellow / Turquoise / Natural / Red

Brass Tochigi Leather hook key holder JAPAN FACTORY
Brass Tochigi Leather hook key holder JAPAN FACTORY Sale price¥2,222