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Billfold wallet botanical mini Himeji leather MARLE

SKU: TOW012-Choco
Sale price¥13,000

Width aprx. 11.5cm
Height aprx. 9.5cm
Depth aprx. 2.0cm

Weight 111g
Material Exterior = Himeji horse leather (Horse Leather) 

In the city of tradition-steeped leather, Himeji City, leather is born that is truly unique and cannot be obtained elsewhere.

※Nemophila:Sold out.

□Why You Might Like This

-Botanical mini can store 7 card slots, 1 small compartment for storage1 coin   compartment,2 bill compartments,YKK zipper.
-I'm getting a little too big with my existing wallet
-I want a size that fits neatly in my pocket without a bag

Durable and Soft Genuine Leather
We want you to cherish your favorite wallet for a long time." With this in mind, we pay attention to the materials. The durable and soft genuine leather is thin, lightweight, and known for its long-lasting beauty. Its texture is also soft, making it comfortable against the skin. Each piece is carefully crafted by artisans in our own atelier. As we use natural leather, you may notice changes in color and texture over time with use.

Not Just Small, But an Irreplaceable Convenience

I want a slim wallet that can fit into the trendy mini bags these days." "I'm looking for a thin wallet that can securely hold bills and coins." From such voices, we've created a wallet that goes beyond the common expectations of being "small and thin" for compact wallets. It seamlessly combines "easy handling of coins, sufficient capacity, and design aesthetics," which are often considered challenging to achieve together. With this wallet, you no longer have to worry about choosing a bag based on the wallet's size.

Compact Size for Manners in Mini Bags

Fits "neatly" even in small-sized mini bags. Forget about the bag size; botanical mini is always with you. Maintaining the desired design, it achieves a size that neatly fits into downsized bags accompanying the trend toward cashless transactions. While it is a compact wallet, the size is designed not to compromise on capacity, ensuring it is not too small.

Smartness and Storage Capacity - A "Selfish" Coin Case That Achieves Both

Have you ever struggled to see where your coins are in a wallet that is too small, making it difficult to retrieve them when tucked away in a corner?
Many compact wallets sacrifice storage capacity, and due to their compact size, they tend to have smaller openings for storage sections. As a result, you might be using a wallet that compromises on convenience while tolerating the inconvenience of taking items in and out.
That's why we have adopted the "box-shaped coin case",which has gained support from a wide range of age groups.


Billfold wallet botanical mini Himeji leather MARLE
Billfold wallet botanical mini Himeji leather MARLE Sale price¥13,000