Brass Shoe Horn

SKU: JAK004-Choco-M

Width aprx.  2.7cm
Height aprx. 10.0cm

Weight  23g
Material Tochigi leather

It is designed to be threaded onto a ring, allowing you to attach it together with your key case or keyring.


[Bringing a Touch of Adult Charm with Tochigi Leather and Brass]

The eye-catching design brings you a new level of enjoyment, allowing you to put on your shoes with style even during your travels.The handle part is made with Tochigi leather, and even the smallest details exude the quality of Japanese craftsmanship.

The alloy of copper and zinc is also known as "brass." Brass has a long history as a material for artistic crafts due to its soft texture and elegant luster.The more you use it, the more the surface may develop oxidation, acquiring a beautiful patina just like leather.

You can enjoy the changes in both the leather and the brass as you use it, with the leather improving in condition the more you use it.

*Brass may rust if exposed to damp environments, but you can maintain its beautiful luster by regularly wiping it with a dry cloth.

Brass Shoe Horn
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