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Shoehorn Tochigi Leather

SKU: JAK003-Brown
Sale price¥4,444

Width aprx.   4.0cm
Height aprx.   6.5cm


Weight 4g
Material Cow Leather

"Brass," also known as "yellow brass," is an alloy of copper and zinc. The material is characterized by a soft texture and an elegant luster, making it a material with a long history in various artistic and craft applications.

simple, handcrafted shoe horn made of Japanese TOCHIGI Leather x Natural Brass.

One of the Highest Quality Leather in Japan
TOCHIGI Leather is popular amongst apparel brands all around the world.
Carefully tanned with plant-based tannins and vegetable oil using time-honored methods by well-trained artisans.  Due to the characteristic of the leather, firm and thick fibers have its softness touch however it also gives natural flexibility and durability.
The longer you use it, you can enjoy the color of the product.

Adding a Touch of Luxury Taste with Traditional Japanese Natural Brass
Japanese Natural Brass has long history as it is frequently used as Japanese traditional handicrafts with its own elegant luster. Just as genuine leathers, the longer you use it, you can enjoy the color of beautiful patina.

Easy To Use Design
Compact, stylish shoe horn for easy carrying. It also can be used as a key-ring so that you can store it in your key-case. Especially convenient for business occasions. 
Using ‘ hip joint parts’ of TOCHIGI leather which is rare and valuable parts due to its flexibility. The more you use it, it will start to fit you comfortably.
Shoehorn Tochigi Leather
Shoehorn Tochigi Leather Sale price¥4,444