Hallelujah Leather Simple Business Cardholder

SKU: HAK023-Brown

Width aprx. 14.5cm
Height aprx. 14.0cm
Depth aprx.   0.5cm

Weight 20g
Material Cowhide

Use two pockets separately. Convenient for storing IC cards and other cards. Each pocket can hold about 10 cards.


Perfectly simple and basic business card-holder for your daily use.

Simple is the Best 
If you're a minimalist looking for a card-holder that is as pared-down as possible, maybe this is perfect for you. The design is slim and has no closure, which makes it fast and easy to access your most essential cards. Also useful for not only storing business cards but also your daily use cards such as credit cards, point cards and prepaid IC cards, etc.

Enjoy the Aging of Pull-Up Cowhide Leather 
Made of genuine pull-up cowhide leather that is carefully tanned with plant-based tannins and has a rich texture. Due to the characteristics of the leather, it may be slightly scratched, but the longer you use it, you can enjoy the color.
Hallelujah Leather Simple Business Cardholder
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