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Shoulder bag vegetable tannins leather Mollis

SKU: HAB028-MO-Camel
Sale price¥9,999

Width aprx. 22.0cm
Height aprx. 18.5cm
Depth aprx.  5.0cm

Weight 270g

Exterior = Cowhide (Vegetable Tanned Leather)
Interior = Cowhide (Vegetable Tanned Leather)


A series of cowhide leather tanned with natural vegetable-derived tannins. Dyed to an exquisite hue while maintaining a soft feel and the characteristic texture of leather, it exudes an elegant impression for sophisticated adults.

※Black:It is will be shipped at end of May.

Compact space with well-organized pockets
Despite its small size, the bag has a wide gusset, allowing for ample storage. Even with a long wallet inside, there is still plenty of space.

Two internal pockets assist in keeping items neatly organized! The design makes it easy to manage each pocket according to usage frequency.

Large full-size free pocket on the back
A free pocket using almost the full size of the bag is designed on the back. It allows for the easy storage of items such as a smartphone, pass case, and lipstick.

Elegant twist clasp for one-touch access
The centrally attached twist clasp enables one-touch opening and closing. The use of antique gold for the clasp adds a natural touch while maintaining sophistication, making it suitable for various occasions.

Adjustable handle in 5 stages
The handle belt can be fully extended to use the bag as a shoulder bag! When you have more items, you can wear it over your shoulder to keep both hands free.

Shoulder bag vegetable tannins leather Mollis
Shoulder bag vegetable tannins leather Mollis Sale price¥9,999