A smaller long wallet TIDY SLIM with L-zipper Hallelujah

SKU: HAW033-Camel


approx. 17.2cm


approx. 9.0cm


approx. 1.3cm

Weight 100g
Material Exterior = Cowhide (Pull-up Leather)

The main leather used for TIDY SLIM is the "Pull-Up Leather," representing Hallelujah.
Pull-Up Leather is generously infused with oil, and the color changes as the oil moves, making it the leather that allows for the most enjoyable aging process.

Thin and Compact Long Wallet" to Suit Diverse Lifestyles
TIDY SLIM is not only thinner and lighter but also a clever wallet that adapts to various regions and lifestyles, offering optimal storage and portability even during travels.

Overwhelmingly Slim High-Capacity Long Wallet
Launched in 2018, the "TIDY SMARTY" project has further modernized the slim profile, inheriting the series' characteristic ease of organization. The definitive version of a thin and compact long wallet is none other than "TIDY SLIM."

The conventional notion associates long wallets with large capacity but also bulkiness. To overturn this commonplace idea, continuous improvements have been made.

While retaining its hallmark spaciousness, "TIDY SLIM" has succeeded in significant size reduction. This wallet not only maintains its exceptional storage capacity but also enhances ease of organization and portability.

Adequate Storage as a Wallet
The thickness of the wallet itself is just about 1cm, but when you unzip the L-shaped zipper, you'll be surprised at the ample storage it offers. For those who worry about insufficient capacity when transitioning to a compact wallet, this long wallet is ideal, providing more than enough space.

Successfully achieving compactness without sacrificing storage capacity.
Designed to accommodate a ten-thousand yen bill without folding, this zipper-type long wallet is crafted to be nearly the smallest size possible, ensuring that banknotes do not interfere with the overall compactness.

Fits neatly in your pocket for peace of mind
With a long wallet that protrudes significantly from the back pocket, there is a risk of dropping it and concerns about security.

A smaller long wallet TIDY SLIM with L-zipper Hallelujah
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