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Small Long wallet TIDY 2.0 L-shaped zipper Long wallet Hallelujah

SKU: HAW021-Choco
Sale price¥13,333

Width approx. 17.2cm
Height approx. 10.0cm
Depth approx. 1.8cm

Weight  120g
Material Exterior = Cowhide (Pull-up Leather) Interior = Cowhide (Pull-up Leather)

We used 'Pull-up Leather.'
Pull-up leather is leather that has been generously infused with oil.

TIDY Storage2

The long wallet has excellent storage capacity,
but it is large and thick. "TIDY 2.0" is a wallet that has been repeatedly
improved to overturn such a concept.

■ I'm getting a little too big with my existing wallet
■ I don't want to fold the bills, so I use a long wallet
■ I want a size that fits neatly in my pocket without a bag

TIDY2.0 can store 20 banknotes, 20 coins and 15 cards, 
so it fully covers the capacity of the original TIDY.
There are 3 more convenient key pockets and a free 
pocket that can store even a passbook.
You can go anywhere with just TIDY 2.0. 
We aimed for such a wallet. 
TIDY2.0 size
"TIDY 2.0" is short and thin, so it's not bulky and 
smart even if you put it in your pocket.


Successful size reduction
We succeeded in making it compact without reducing the storage capacity.

TIDY storage

If you don't carry a lot of passbooks or cash,
you can store your smartphone in the side pocket. On the other hand, if you still have a lot of cash and
want to put a lot of receipts in your wallet,
you can sort them in the side pockets and store them.
The capacity for storing a smartphone is about
10 banknotes, 15 coins, and 10 cards.

TIDY storage01
In general, wallets are mostly made "right-handed".
However, we also made "left-handed" in order to aim for a design 
that is easy to use for as many people as possible.
If you wish to be left-handed, please let us know in the remarks column.
It has a simple appearance and a compact size 
that is easy to hold and is a design that can be used
by men and women of all ages.
Small Long wallet TIDY 2.0 L-shaped zipper Long wallet Hallelujah
Small Long wallet TIDY 2.0 L-shaped zipper Long wallet Hallelujah Sale price¥13,333