Ladies compact long wallet TIDY2.0 L-Zipper Mollis

SKU: HAW021-MO-Camel

Width approx.  17.2cm
Height approx. 10.0cm
Depth approx. 1.8cm

Weight 132g

Exterior = Cowhide (Vegetable Tanned Leather)
Interior = Cowhide (Vegetable Tanned Leather)


A series of cowhide leather tanned with natural vegetable-derived tannins.
Dyed to an exquisite hue while maintaining a soft feel and the characteristic texture of leather, it exudes an elegant impression for sophisticated adults. 

Pocket-sized, slim, and compact, a short long wallet

While traditional long wallets excel in storage capacity, they tend to be large and bulky. The wallet that has undergone repeated improvements to overturn this conventional notion is none other than "TIDY 2.0."

・Lately, existing long wallets feel a bit too much.
・I prefer using a long wallet because I don't want to fold bills.
・A size that fits neatly into pockets even without a bag. We thoroughly considered the challenges faced by the "long wallet enthusiasts" and reconstructed accordingly.

Ready for an outing with just this one

Capable of holding 20 bills, 20 coins, and 15 cards, the capacity of this wallet is more than sufficient compared to traditional long wallets. Additionally, it features three convenient key pockets and a free pocket that can even accommodate a passbook. With TIDY, you can go anywhere with just this wallet. That's the goal we aimed for.

Able to store keys and a phone
Able to store keys and a phone, achieving compactness that remains slim even after storage.

Ladies compact long wallet TIDY2.0 L-Zipper Mollis
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