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Vitarica Wallet Shoulder Italian Leather Volta

SKU: HAW034-VT-Black
Sale price¥13,333

Width aprx. 19.5cm
aprx. 10.5cm
aprx. 3.5cm

Exterior: Cowhide Leather (Italian Leather)

Italian leather refers to leather primarily made from cowhide in the Florence region of Italy, specifically in the Santa Croce area. It undergoes a labor-intensive process, resulting in leather that is durable, resistant to deformation, and has excellent color saturation. We have used this luxurious leather in our product.


For commuting, outings, and travel, we have created a wallet-integrated smartphone pouch made of high-class Italian leather that adults can choose with confidence.

You can carry your smartphone, wallet, keys, and other essentials you need when going out all in one place. This case is not just a simple and cheap item but a luxurious and functional case that adults can use with confidence.

Surprisingly spacious storage that fits smartphones, passbooks, bills, cards, coins, keys, and even electronic cigarettes.

Vitarica is not just a case to hang your smartphone but can also store many items needed in daily life.

It can hold plenty of cash like a long wallet.

The front flap pocket, similar to a long wallet, is mainly used for wallet storage. Bills, cards, and coins can be neatly stored in the sorted pockets. It has a cash storage capacity of more than 10 bills and can accommodate about 7-8 cards in the pocket with gussets.

Since it does not use zippers or covers on the interior, you can easily see where and how much is stored as soon as you open it, allowing you to complete your payment smoothly at the cash register without any hassle

Vitarica Wallet Shoulder Italian Leather Volta
Vitarica Wallet Shoulder Italian Leather Volta Sale price¥13,333