Mollis Thick Belt

SKU: HAK047-VT-01Brown

Width aprx. 108cm
Height aprx.  3.0cm

Weight 45g
Material Cowhide (Vegetable Tanned Leather)

A series of cowhide leather tanned with natural vegetable-derived tannins. Dyed to an exquisite hue while maintaining a soft feel and the characteristic texture of leather, it exudes an elegant impression for sophisticated adults.


[Perfectly basic yet rich textured belt for your everyday use, made of genuine cowhide leather.]

-Type: Thick-Style 
The width of our “Thick-Style” belt is 3cm and the length is 105cm with 7 holes. 
Can be suited for waist from 76cm-91cm. For buckle, we use antique-gold which is classic and also has rich texture.

- Suitable for Most Fashion
Our genuine pull-up cowhide leather belts are guaranteed to pull together any outfit such as jeans, pants, trousers, skirts, dress, etc. The texture is soft so that it is also comfortable to wear.

-Enjoy the Aging of Pull-Up Cowhide Leather 
Made of genuine pull-up cowhide leather that is carefully tanned with plant-based tannins  which means they've got natural highs and lows of color and will just look better and better over time. Due to the characteristics of the leather, it may be slightly scratched, but the longer you use it, you can enjoy the color.

Mollis Thick Belt
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