VT Soft Pen pouch

SKU: HAK058-Choco

Width aprx.   24.0cm
Height aprx.   8.0cm
Depth aprx.   7.0cm

Weight 95g
Material Cowhide (Vegetable Tanned Leather)

A series of cowhide leather tanned with natural vegetable-derived tannins. Dyed to an exquisite hue while maintaining a soft feel and the characteristic texture of leather, it exudes an elegant impression for sophisticated adults. 

"Indulge in a touch of luxury with your everyday essentials."


Experience the natural charm of leather with this simple leather pouch. Crafted with durable genuine leather, it maintains a solid appearance even when filled with numerous items. Its self-standing design allows for easy access and instant visibility of the contents.

This pouch is made with luxurious cowhide nubuck leather that has been vegetable-tanned. Through a meticulous process, it showcases durability and a natural texture. Embrace the inherent characteristics of leather, including its unique marks and grain, and appreciate the individuality of each piece.

As it ages, the color and luster of the leather will deepen, creating a one-of-a-kind accessory that evolves with your personal journey.


VT Soft Pen pouch
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